Healthcare Tips

How Food impacts your Body

Food controls your life. It energizes all of your body processes that allow us to move, think and relax.


Fruits to combat cancer

Every year, lakhs of Indians are crushed by the news of cancer. With new cases or its occurrence in India evaluated to develop by 25% by 2020 as indicated by the growth registry discharged by the Indian Council of Medical Research.


Why is sugar bad for you?

You probably know the answer from your parents who would have tried to stop you from eating too many sweets or chocolates. They were not joking. Sugar is sweet but has harmful effects on your metabolism and contributes to all sorts of diseases. We tell you why they are harmful.


Natural Remedies for pain relief

Many of us turn to pills to relieve pain. Researchers have shown that you can reduce certain types of pain without the harmful side effects of medicines by choosing the right foods. Below are a few of them.


Foods to keep your eyes healthy

Just to be clear, eating the below foods regularly will not restore your vision to 20/20 or give you X-ray vision. The below list of foods helps you to see more clearly.


Healthy Tips for a Healthy Life!

The renowned saying 'An apple a day keeps the doctor away' doesn't mean we should throw the apple harder. It means that eating an apple everyday will reduce your visits to the hospital.


Millets for your diet

Millets are becoming popular in India because of their health benefits and nutritional aspects. Theses gluten-free grains can be consumed by everyone as they support the digestive tract by absorbing nutrients from their food properly. 


How to take care of Dry Skin?

With winter air, the smooth and moisturised skin of spring and summer becomes dry with tightness, flaking, roughness, and cracks.



Health Health Care

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