Sapphire Health

SapphireHealth is the patient experience management solution that dramatically transforms the healthcare organization by enhancing patient safety, improving efficiency and earning patient loyalty. ...

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Aster CMI Hospital

Aster CMI Hospital has some of the renowned and accomplished doctors, who provide the best quality medical treatment to patients. These specialists, backed by the latest state-of-th ...

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Columbia Asia Hospital

Columbia Asia Hospital – Hebbal is a 90 bedded multi specialty facility situated in the northern part of Bangalore, on the way to the Bangalore International Airport. It is NA ...

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Columbia Asia Hospital Pune

Columbia Asia Hospital – Pune, is a 100 bedded multi specialty facility situated close to the IT Parks at Kharadi. The hospital has highly qualified medical p ...

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Cytecare Cancer Hospitals

Cytecare Cancer Hospitals - located in Yelahanka, International Airport Road. Cytecare aims to revolutionise cancer care by delivering personalised cancer treatment through an organ ...

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HCG MSR Cancer Centre

HCG is one of the leaders in cancer care in Asia operating a network of 20 cancer centres all over the country. The chain of hospitals has over 225 oncologists, over 440 specialist ...

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Hosmat Hospital

Hosmat Hospital for Orthopaedics, Sports Medicine, Arthritis, Accident-Trauma, Arthritis and Joint Replacement Centre, HOSMAT Neuro Centre and HOSMAT Spine Centre is a super major s ...

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KIMS Hospital

KIMS Hospitals is the largest corporate healthcare group. operating 6 successful, fully independent hospitals in Secunderabad and Kondapur in Telangana; Nellore, Rajahmundry, Srikak ...

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Kovai Medical Centre and Hospital

Kovai Medical Centre and Hospital - A Health Care Provider of Western Approach with an Indian Touch. KMCH is the most trusted Multispecialty Hospital in the Southern Indian City of ...

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Rainbow Hospital

Rainbow Group’s successful journey began on Children’s Day – November 14, 1999. It established the first tertiary care, children’s hospital in South India wi ...

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