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International Microfluidics Congress

Date: 2018-08-13 - 2018-08-14

Time: 09:00:00 - 05:30:00

Venue: San Diego, USA

Microfluidics is the science of handling and controlling fluids, which deals with the flow of liquids inside micrometer sized channels and its usually ranges from microliters (10-6) to Pico liters (10-12), and its networks of channels vary with the dimensions from tens to hundreds of micrometers. This discipline takes its origins in the early 1990’s and has grown exponentially. Microfluidics is also considered both as a science and technology.


Microfluidics workshops continues on being an energizing and quickly creating region in the life sciences with a persistently extending scope of utilizations. As advances and methodologies keep on developing, this congress unites specialists in scholastics, enterprises and businesses to make network and share ideas.


The conference will inspect the most recent advancements in the innovations and technology methods being utilized for advancing medicinal research, also the challenges and future of microfluidics.


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