Sapphire Health

SapphireHealth is the patient experience management solution that dramatically transforms the healthcare organization by enhancing patient safety, improving efficiency and earning patient loyalty. We have a unique Quality Management driven approach that will help you to rapidly manage incidents, be compliant to standards, improve asset utilization and deliver predictable service levels. The solution has been implemented in over a 100 hospital units across India and Southeast Asia.

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  • Services Offered
    • Healthcare incident and quality management
      • Track all incidents through a single system and ensure the delivery of high quality patient safety
    • Biomedical asset management
      • Ensures efficient use of assets, with a positive impact on cost, compliance, reliability and experience.
    • Patient experience and safety
      • Ensure timely resolution of every service request efficiently and professionally.
    • Patient feedback management
      • A centralized system to capture the feedback of the patients or visitors at various touch points.
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