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Palliative care for cancer patients in Karnataka

Published on 2017-03-22 08:03:18

Cancer is the most traumatic and painful disease affecting the human society. More than the pain and suffering, the psychological agony creates more frightening experience in the patients and their kin. Moreover, with lack of intensive care and treatment, the traumatic experiences are getting aggravated.

With a noble social cause, the Department of Health and Family Welfare, Karnataka has unveiled a policy and created scheme on the 08.11.20106 for Palliative for the caner patient. The policy will ensure that all geriatric population and terminally ill patients and get mandatory all-round care and support.

palliative care, cancer care, pink medico

This policy will provide great relief to the rural poor and needy cancer patients. For a successful execution of this initiative, dedicated pharmacists, doctors, nurses, psychologists, social workers, and trained volunteers will provide the treatment and care. This not only provides treatments for the cancer but also provides physical, psychological, social and spiritual care.

Palliative care meant to improvement of the life quality of people with serious or life-threatening diseases, such as cancer. This is more focused on the emotional care of the patients; hence, this also called supportive care, comfort care, and symptom management.

Though, this is absent in rural people and less popular in urban, the government wants to make it available in the all government hospitals. These facilities will be also available in the hospital under Suvarna Arogya Surksha Trust and Yashaswini Scheme.

palliative care, cancer care, pink medico

With its presence in six districts in for two years, initially, this this scheme will be extended to other districts in the state. A state coordinator monitoring all the six units in the state, this policy will look into training doctors and nurses for palliative care and make the required drugs available in the.

While the terminally ill people can get the maximum benefits, Govt. is focusing more on the providing wholistic care and treatment from the chronic disease. This not only gets them relief from pain, suffering and mental trauma but also takes care about the other aspects such as palliative radiation, meditation, and yoga.

The government is hopeful that this plan will be successfully executed and benefits can availed. The Department of Health and Family Welfare has appealed the general public to proactively participate in this noble cause and donate to this great initiative.