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How Food impacts your Body

Published on 2017-04-04 12:04:56

Food controls your life. It energizes all of your body processes that allow us to move, think and relax.

Here are a few foods and their impacts on our body:

Amino Acids convert into muscles

Amino Acids are important in building up muscle tissue as they are the building blocks of protein. Many reviews have shown that the body's capacity to naturally build muscles can be supported by the consumption of certain food supplements.


Sugar converts into fat

Consuming artificial sugar in large quantities every day raises insulin levels in the blood. In addition to this, it selectively deposits energy from food into fat cells. It also causes addiction in certain individuals which increase food intake and your belly.


Energy & fibre converts into wellness

Foods that are rich in fibre usually takes time to chew. This makes your body feel full faster which helps you eat less. These foods also keep you full for long periods of time and slowly releases energy forcing you to eat less throughout the day.


Vital molecules converts into good cholesterol

Cholesterol is created when carbohydrate is converted into fats. High-density lipoprotein (HDL) is known as the good cholesterol which helps remove extra cholesterol and arterial plaque build-up in your arteries.


Fatty acids converts into fat

High intake of junk food is harmful to our body due to their fat content and fatty acid composition. It contains no essential nutrients but contains large amounts of fat which puts our metabolism under stress and can cause high blood pressure or hypertension.