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First Chikungunya Vaccine

Published on 2017-02-23 12:02:11

We have not forgotten the havoc created in Delhi and other north Indian states last year due to the spread of chikungunya which affected the north India as well. While statistics says that the death due this in 20105 was 27553 it was 12255 till August 2016. Providing some relief to the healthcare fraternity, researchers have discovered a new vaccine for combating chikungunya virus that causes fever and acute joint pain.

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Researchers from United States used the Eilat virus as a vaccine platform to develop world’s first chikungunya vaccine. Though the vaccine has no effect on human being making it safe and effective, it is being positively tested on insects since it infects insects only. Researchers have used the clone of an Eilat virus design vaccine which a hybrid virus-based and contains chikungunya structural proteins.

According to the theory published in in journal of Nature Medicine the clinical trials on mice and non-human primates proves that it quickly creates a robust immune defence system and protects them from chikungunya virus when they were exposed to the deadly virus. This new Eilat vaccine was structurally identical to natural chikungunya virus.

A single dose of the Eliat vaccine can create defensive neutralising antibody elements that can provide complete protection to you for more than 290 days, in two different mouse models. The vaccine created rapid and robust immunity for non-human primates. This also proved that this vaccine trial shows no evidence of virus in the blood and signs of fever and illness after the virus infection.

About Chikungunya:

  • A mosquito-borne virus that causes a disease.
  • Transmitted by Aedes aegypti and Aedes albopictus mosquitoes
  • Symptomized by abrupt fever and severe joint pain, headache, muscle pain, joint swelling or rash
  • Treatment is directed primarily at relieving the symptoms