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Tata Memorial Centre to launch ‘Kevat’ diploma in cancer care

Published on 2018-01-27 08:01:45

The Tata Memorial Centre (TMC) in collaboration with Tata Institute of Social Sciences and Tata Trusts will start Kevat — an advanced diploma course in patient navigation. The Kevat course will be a specialised academic programme in cancer-care. It is the first course in India to focus on an emerging patient navigation model that can be applied across all cancer care institutions, said sources.

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The Kevat will be the bridge between the patient and doctors who seek treatment for cancer. The main role of Kevat is navigating patient’s problems. This will guide patients through the healthcare system thereby ensuring that they receive timely effective and efficient care.

 Director of TMC Dr.Rajendra Badwe said, “We noticed 40 percent of drop out rates in paediatric patients since they are unable to cope up with the treatments and follow-ups.” “There are too many problems in a health care system, mostly uncoordinated, and complex for patients and families,” he said.

The Kevat will help patients and their families to understand the language and diagnoses, treatment options, with the available resources. By assisting all sections of society, particularly vulnerable populations, overcome barriers to health care access and bridge gaps in transitions of care, patient navigators can effectively contribute towards an efficient, equitable, and patient-centred health care system.