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Published on 2018-02-16 14:02:38

PinkMedico, The Economic Times Hospital Strategic  Management Summit 2018

The Economic Times believes, an intensive & comprehensive review of hospital management needs to bring our Healthcare system to a world class status. Although we have one of the best doctors in the world, it is the challenges that need to be converted to opportunities for taking this industry to the next pedestal. These dynamics also call for an introspective approach towards the 21st century management as healthcare economics, and demographics have undergone massive changes post liberalisation. It also calls for strategic realignment of priorities when it comes to market expansions, regulatory interventions, and regular technological disruptions. In a nutshell, The Economic Times Hospital Strategic Management Summit 2018 aims at convergence of brilliant thought leaders and stakeholders to discuss 21st Century Healthcare Strategic Management approach amidst disruptions of all nature.


Healthcare Journey so far: 

Private hospitals sector entered the India market in 1990s - in sync with economic liberalization

Healthcare market players adopted cautious approach till early 2000s

Market exploded after 2005 on riding IT and ITES Wave

Private Sector caters to 70% of urban areas, 63% of rural of areas (National Family Health Survey-3)

Private Sector also accounts for approximately 74% of Indian health spends.


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